The 16th Annual GPNDG
August 23-26, 2007
Eagle Lake, California

N 40° 32.831'     W 120° 47.262'

Directions from your house

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Directions from Susanville, CA

Short way:
3miles west on Hwy 36
13miles north on County Road A-1 (Eagle Lake Rd)

Long way:

31miles north on Hwy 139
21miles SE on County Road A-1 (Eagle Lake Rd)

Susanville is a small northern california town of about 14,000 residents with all the services you'd expect. Plenty of fuel, food, camping supplies, etc. Lots of fine motorcycling roads, too. It's the place you'll want to go for fuel and supplies, if only for the nice ride there and back.

Distances from various other places:

[Estimates from Delorme Map'n'Go using FASTEST route]

102 miles —Reno, NV
281 miles —San Francisco, CA
502 miles —Portland, OR
675 miles —Seattle, WA
684 miles —Spokane, WA
735 miles —Escondido, CA
1,069 miles —Ft. Collins, CO
1,119 miles —Calgary, Alberta
2,332 miles —Columbus, OH
2,822 miles —Gainsville, FL
7,300 miles —Cairo, Egypt (approx.)
7,600 miles —Sydney, Australia (approx.)

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