The 16th Annual GPNDG
August 23-26, 2007
Eagle Lake, California

N 40° 32.831'     W 120° 47.262'

Ed Hackett, with the shadowy oversight of the WetLeather Secret Cabal,
has volunteered to BOSS the 16th GPNDG at Eagle Lake, CA.

Last updated: 26-Jul-2007


Eagle Lake, the second largest natural lake in California, is located about 17 miles NNW of Susanville in Northern California. The upper end of the lake is mostly characteristic of high desert country. Brush and junipers cover the surrounding area. Rocks and patches of reeds makeup the shoreline. The south end of the lake is forested with pines, cedars, and firs. Highway 139 runs roughly north/south to the east side of the lake, from Susanville to Hwy 299, and is considered by many a Motorcycle Road of the Finest Order.

The West Eagle Group campground is at about 5,100' elevation at the southern end of the lake (in spite of the campground name). Eagle Lake Marina and boat launch are located a mile or so away.

Eagle Lake is nationally known for its trophy Eagle Lake Trout. The average size fish caught at Eagle is 3 to 5 pounds. Trolling is the most popular method of fishing at the lake, but many fish are also caught from shore by floating nightcrawlers off the bottom. Think about it (CA fishing license available from the Marina). Ed took some photos, and we have our own maps to the site, which you may want to print and stuff in your tankbag. Better yet, if you've got a GPS, just plug in the coordinates from the page header above. Guaranteed to put you within Trebuchet distance of the campsite, or your money back!

HMarc did a scouting trip the end of April, 2007, and took more photos.

Got Google Earth? If so just save this file (GPNDG-07.kmz), click or double-click it (as appropriate) and when your O/S asks what to do with it, tell it to open it with Google Earth. If all goes well, it will 'fly' you to the site. If not, blame technology and just fire up Goodle Earth by hand and type in the coordinates above...


The amenities are not quite what we have enjoyed at Crescent Lake or Dworshak. Each of the two camps has a bathroom with men-women sides, two flush toilets/urinal and a sink in each. There are water taps located as various places through the sites. No electricity at the sites except for the bathrooms. There is a pay phone at the site. No showers or covered area. The sites are well shaded, and have direct lake access.

There are four showers at the marina, 3/4 mile by paved trail, 1 mile by road. They are available from 7am to 9pm. Tokens are available from the marina 7am to 7pm, cost is $2. The marina also has boat rentals. There is a store at the marina with ice available. Gallatin Beach is just east of the marina.

The marina says that most cell phones work in the area, with the caveat that it depends on exactly where you are. Verizon is the worst, often working only when out on the lake. ATT/Cingular are known to work, at least at the marina, and a check of the coverage map shows T-Mobile should work too.

We also have a list of nearby motels, if you'd rather credit-card camp...

Safety Information:

General emergency 911
Lassen County Sheriff
(530) 257-6121
Plumas County Sheriff
(Quincy, Hwy 70)
(530) 283-6300
Susanville Police (530) 257-2171
California Highway Patrol (530) 257-2191
Local fire and rescue 911
Local ambulance 911
Banner Lassen Medical Center
1800 Spring Ridge Drive, Susanville
(North of town on 139)
(530) 252-2000
Eastern Plumas Health Care
500 1st Ave, Portola
(530) 993-1225
Eastern Plumas Health Care
700 Third Street, Loyalton
(530) 832-6500
(800) 571-3742
Plumas District Hospital
1065 Bucks Lake Rd, Quincy
(530) 283-2121


The Gather can't happen without volunteers, please consider offering to help in some capacity. There is a page here listing the sub-bosses for each major area of responsibility. Many of them need help. Please offer.