The 16th Annual GPNDG
August 23-26, 2007
Eagle Lake, California

N 40° 32.831'     W 120° 47.262'

The Fine Volunteer Crew

Da BOSS: Ed Hackett
Finance Minister: Shannon Kelley
Food Bosses:
   Thurs dinner:
   Fri Breakfast:
   Fri dinner:
   Sat breakfast:
   Sat dinner:
   Sat dessert:
   Sun breakfast:

Gary Kelley, SSMark Alpen
Gary Wasserman
Mike (Catfish) Chaplin
Sachi Wilson
Dessert Queens: Ln and her Lovely Cohorts
Coffee Boss: Fryer Martin & AndWife
UberBeverages Boss: Ed "da Boss" Hackett
Entertainment Boss: We're unplugged!
Web stuff: H Marc Lewis
Safety, Facility, etc.:
   First Aid:
   Dir. for Decorative Matters1:
   Sunday AM Camp Policing Boss:
   Garbage Boss:
   Ladies' Restroom Boss:
   Men's Restroom Boss:
Joanna Moss
Michael Pierce
Ray Heslep
Eric Vaillancourt
Awards Presentation: St. Carl

Note 1: The DoDM is responsible for assuring an adequate selection of polishes, as well as other decorative items that can be applied to freshly painted nails, is available for the duration of the Gather.

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