West Eagle Group Campground

The 2007 Gather will be a bit different than what we're used to. Hardly any facilities in the campsite itself except for two bathrooms, each with a Mens/Womens side. Nothing I saw that looked like a "kitchen" area. I figure we should plan on bringing ez-ups and folding tables, and some looooonnnngggg extension cords. Maybe a 5kw generator too?

On the plus side, it's a very nice area, and some bicyclists I talked to said it was a wonderful place to camp. The quick way to Susanville (15 miles) is via A-1, a very twisty old paved road with lots of tar snakes. Depending upon traffic I bet it is a "30min plus" ride to town. The other way, it's roughly 20 miles to Hwy 139, and another 30 to Susanville. Call it 50 miles vs: 15 miles. The long way might be more fun, unless you really like slow corners and even slower cages w/trailers. The long way offers many legal passing opportunities, and 30 miles of damn good pavement. The short way, not so much of either.

Oh, and I updated the GPS coordinates on the main page too, in case you need that info.

What to look for when coming into the camp about 1/2 mile after turning off local road "A-1". The sign on the right says "West Eagle GROUP CAMPING". That's the place!

The paved trail that follows the treeline. This shot is looking east, towards the marina, which is about a 15-20 min walk from our campground. I assume there are no motor vehicles allowed on this path.

Looking towards Eagle lake from the path in front of the campground. These shots were taken the end of April. I don't know how the water level will change, if any. Right now, the lake appears a little low.

Looking from near the shoreline south directly towards West Eagle Group Campground.

The marina was closed when I was there in April. Two pay phones, a couple picnic benches, a public bathroom, and the marina building itself. Of course I didn't go in, and couldn't see in, so I don't know what facilities they have.

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