Great Pacific Northwest
Dryside Gather

Beth on the Slut
32nd Annual
August 10 — August 13, 2023
Eagle Lake, CA

N° 40.54874, W° 120.78203
N° 40.54874, W° 120.78203

Interesting Day Rides

Eagle Lake All Pavement Loop [~70m]

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A nice 70 mile loop with lots of twisties and some nice scenic vistas. No gravel or dirt (unless there is construction). A variety of lunch choices in Susanville, too. The eastern half of this is DH60 from Destination Highways NorCal edition. There is quite a nice vista about 5 miles north of Susanville on CA-139 if you ride this clockwise.

Antelope Lake Loop [~175m]

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JC says: "I have not ridden all of this route, but stiched it together from pieces I have ridden, and hope for the best. Take a couple of laps of the lake, for sure. Could be some hot dual sport action between the lake and 395, too". Part of this is DH42 from Destination Highways NorCal edition. It's about 85 miles, plus the 70 mile round trip to Susanville, or the 90+ mile trip to the GPNDG site.

Lassen Volcanic N.P. Loop [~180m]

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This is a 160 mile loop from Susanville, or 180+ miles from the Gather site, the far end of which loop is made up of DH38 from Destination Highways NorCal edition. It is a very twisty and scenic road though Mt. Lassen park. Chester, near Lake Almanor, might be a nice lunch stop. Don't forget your camera!

Eagle Lake to Gerlach, NV [~220m dirt]

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A fun mostly dirt road route to Gerlach, Nevada, about 220 miles there and back. In 2007 some of us went to Bruno's Country Club (in Gerlach) for some of his famous home-made ravioli. I think Denzler ate two plates of it.

Quincy, Bucks Lake and La Porte [~310m]

Take 89 down to Quincy. Bucks Lake Road for 40 miles. Turn around when it gets boring, but don't go less than 40 miles or you'll miss the best part. Back to Quincy for lunch. Be careful of RV's and enforcement right around the lake. CHP has a major outpost in Quincy.

Then go to East Quincy and take the Quincy-LaPorte Road. Visit the Post Office and General Store in LaPorte. Then go back to Quincy the way you came, and back to camp. Mileage is about 150 for the ride, plus about 80 miles each way between the GPNDG site and Quincy (for the math-impaired that makes a grand total of roughly 310 miles).

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