Great Pacific Northwest
Dryside Gather

Beth on the Slut
32nd Annual
August 10 — August 13, 2023
Eagle Lake, CA

N° 40.54874, W° 120.78203
N° 40.54874, W° 120.78203

The Fine Volunteer Crew

Da BOSS(es): Tony Jones
Finance Minister: Shannon Kelley
Food Bosses:
Thurs dinner: Lee Hart
Fri Breakfast: JC Coulter
Fri dinner: Steve & Winnie Powers
Fri dessert: The Dessert Sheikhas
Sat breakfast: Michael & Lupe
Sat dinner: Mike Chaplin & Jean Maybell
Sat dessert: The Dessert Sheikhas
Sun breakfast: Fend for yourselves, you hosers!
Coffee Boss: Rolf
UberBeverages Boss: also Rolf
Web stuff: H Marc Lewis
Email stuff: open
Dir. of Decorative Affairs: open
Safety, Facility, etc.:
First Aid: open
Equipment logistics: open
Sunday Camp Policing: open
Garbage Boss: open
Restroom Boss: open
On the bench (available): see Minions
Awards Presentation: Carl & assistant

The Minions (helpers for meal prep/serving/cleanup)

Coffee minions  
Thursday Dinner:  
Thursday Dessert:  
Friday Breakfast:  
Friday Dinner:  
Friday Dessert:  
Saturday Breakfast:  
Saturday Dinner:  
Saturday Dessert:  
Sunday Breakfast: (no host)

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