Great Pacific Northwest
Dryside Gather

Beth on the Slut
24th Annual
July 23-26, 2015
White Bird, ID

N 45° 44.591' — W 116° 19.525'
[ For Google use: +45 44' 36.47", -116 19' 32.40" ]

Salmon River Raft Trip
9:30 - 12: 30 Friday 7/24

For the 2012 Gather Shannon wrote: "I have requested paddle boats. If anyone wants an inflatable kayak, they just need to ask in advance. Amy has assured me there is plenty of safe parking for the bikes."

Exodus Wilderness Adventures
“The Splash and Giggle”
1/2 day Raft Trip Itinerary

For our morning 1/2 day raft trips, we ask that you arrive in our Riggins office at 9:30 AM. After everyone has completed the check-in process and been fitted with their lifejackets, we will walk down to the Riggins City Boat Ramp (located next to our office) to meet the rafts. The Guides will give you a brief safety talk and acquaint you with the rafts and the river. At the end of the morning trip the Exodus van will meet you at the Lucile Boat Ramp and bring you back to our Riggins office returning approximately 12:30 PM.

On the half day raft trip, you will encounter several Class III rapids with names like Time Zone, Tight Squeeze, Trap Creek, Ladder Creek, and Black Rock as well as many Class II rapids. These rapids are guaranteed to get you wet and make you giggle! Exodus Wilderness Adventures provides snacks and beverages while on the river such as granola bars, mixed nuts and fresh fruit as well as bottled water, ice tea, lemonade, and a variety of sodas. You may bring beverages of your own but we will not allow excessive consumption of alcohol while on the river. If you are bringing beverages of your own we ask that you bring cans or plastic containers; not glass bottles.

If your group would like to paddle raft or have inflatable kayaks, we will provide these upon request but please let us know before your arrival. We reserve the right to change put-in and take-out locations depending on river flows or other river conditions. Time on the water may vary throughout the season because of water flows. Please remember we are on Mountain Time.

Photos of your trip will be available from Salmon River Photos. They will set up at the best rapids of the day and catch you splashing through the waves. At the end of the trip, you can view and purchase your photos in the Salmon River Photos office at the South end of town or take one of their business cards home and go online to view and purchase your pictures at your convenience.

Things to bring on Exodus Half and Full-Day Trips

  • Quick Dry Shorts or Swim Suit
  • Lightweight Cover if you sunburn easily
  • Light Jacket or Windbreaker
  • River Sandals or Sneakers that can get wet
  • Hat or Cap (for protection from the sun)
  • Sunglasses (with Chums or similar strap)
  • Sun Screen
  • Long Underwear Top and Bottom (early season)
  • Fleece Jacket or Shirt (early season)
  • Wetsuit Booties or Neoprene Socks (early season)
(During early season trips it is best to avoid cotton garments as they are poor insulators when wet)

Exodus Provides

  • All Meals, Snacks, and Non-Alcoholic Beverages
  • Waterproof Storage for Your Gear and Clothing
  • Wetsuits (early season)
  • Splash Jackets (early season)
  • Raingear (if needed)
  • Storage for Valuables in the Exodus Office
  • Professional Guides
  • All Equipment for your trip (Paddle Boats and Inflatable Kayaks available upon request)
Teva Sandals, Chums straps, Baseball caps, T-shirts, Sunscreen and water proof cameras are available in our store at our office in Riggins.

If you are coming into Riggins from the south, you can find our office 2 blocks north of the Riggins City Park, overlooking the river on the right side of Hwy 95.

If you are coming into Riggins from the north [as we will be], you can find our office 1 block south of the Riverview Motel, overlooking the river on the left side of Hwy 95. We have off-street parking in front of our shop. Our local phone number for the McCall/Riggins/White Bird area is 628-3484; outside the local area use our toll free number which is 800-992-3484.

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