[GPNDG] 1998

August 14,15,16 — 1998
Crescent Lake, OR

N 43° 29.209'     W 121° 57.512'

The 7th annual GPNDG

The Great Pacific NorthWest Dryside Gather is the 'premier' WetLeather gathering (campout) of the year. The Gather'98 Boss Bob Taylor (aka bjet, aka Dr. WetLeather) (bjet@efn.org) has picked the same site in Oregon we used last year. Bob's announcement is online if you want to read it.

GPNDG'98 will be held at Simax Group Camp at Crescent Lake, Oregon in the Deschutes National Forest. The campground is located on the NE shore of Crescent Lake just south of Highway 58, and roughly 50 miles north of Crater Lake, OR. The cost this year will be $40 for Friday/Saturday, or $35 for Saturday night only, payable in advance to Shannon (whose address appears below). I know, I know, Bob is DA BOSS, but Shannon is DA BANKER. Got it?


Special Activities:


To register, send the appropriate amount (see paragraph #2 above) to the Finance Minister:

Shannon Kelley
20000 NE Jaquith Road
Newberg, OR   97132-6694
+1 (503) 537-0802

[Don't forget to include your full name, email address, days, etc.]

Want to check on who's signed up already?

Maps, Directions, Photos

There are three maps plus some written directions available.

Dr. Wetleather took some photos of the campsite and general area...

Join the GPNDG mailing list!

We have a special-purpose electronic mailing list to discuss The Gather. Volume is very low until awhile before, and just after, the actual event. To join send a simple 1-line message to listproc@micapeak.com with any subject (the Subject: line is ignored) and a message body of:
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where you replace "Albert Einstein" with your real name (no nicknames please). You will receive an automated reply welcoming you to the list, and information about how to unsubscribe, set various configurable options, etc. Don't forget to save the message for later reference...


All volunteers are enthusiatically invited to contact me or the appropriate sub-boss (bOSS):

Food: Da Boss writes: "Friday night's repast will be prepared by Martin et al. Saturday's dinner is going to be catered by "Hole in the Wall Barbecue". There will be a choice of chicken or ribs, baked beans, and coleslaw. Dinner is to be at 5:30pm (there will be veggie options)." -- Randall is doing the early morning coffee, Goat and Squido will be cooking breakfast and amusing those standing in line. You will be well fed (a couple of times, anyway).
$$$:Shannon Kelley (shannonk@sequent.com) is Finance Minister.
Dessert: 'ln' (ecarrico@cris.com) aka Ellen Carrico and the WetLadies Chocolate and Mischief Society
Road Mistress:Beth Dixon will not lead a select group on a day long sport ride which includes Beth's Secret Road, you have to lead yourself. Beth will annotate your map if you provide one.
Web stuff:H. Marc Lewis (marcl@micapeak.com)
Music:See below...
Misc.:Ray Heslep

ANNWN Concert cancelled, damnit!

Leigh Ann's band Annwn was planning on performing Saturday night, but as of June 18th had to cancel. However, Leigh Ann and Greg may show up anyway, and you know that if they do we can talk them into an acoustic set or so...

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