Great Pacific Northwest
Dryside Gather
Beth on the Slut
The 33rd Annual GPNDG
July 25 — July 28, 2024
Port Angeles, WA

Google Maps:   48.11714 123.4780188
or   N 48° 07' 01.9" W 123° 28' 40.9"

Interesting Day Rides

The Olympic Peninsula!

There are lots of interesting day rides originating from The Gather campground. Many of the attendees are 'locals', and would likely be happy to tell you about, or lead you on, some interesting rides. Hurricane Ridge, Sol Duc hot springs, Hoh Rainforest, Lake Crescent, and highways 112 & 113 are all right at hand for the day riders. A ferry ride to the gorgeous city of Victoria, BC would be a fun excursion, provided you have your passport.

Among the 'local ride' cogniscenti I would count:

Ed Hackett (who lives nearby)
Counselor Steve Gross (who lives nearby)
Phil Kopp
JC & Robynn
(and many others, just ask around)

Counselor Steve suggests:

  1. Paradise Beach Road - Coming west over the Hood Canal Bridge, take the 1st right and come up along the canal that way instead of HWY 101 or HWY 19.
  2. Swansonville Road. If you do #1, then this road takes you west to HWY 19. Ups and downs, nice curves.
  3. Egg and I Road. Yes, named after the book. Runs east-west across the Beaver Valley, connecting Hwy 19, Center Road, and West Valley Road.
  4. Eaglemount Road and Old Eaglemount Road. East-west between Center Road and HWY 20.
  5. West Valley Hwy to Old Anderson Lake Road to Anderson Lake Road.
  6. Dabob Loop. Coming west across the Hood Canal Bridge, take a left at S. Point Road, Right on Thorndyke, Right on Coyle, right on Dabob Post Office Road, back up to Center Rd. Alternative is to turn left from Dabob Post Office onto Dabob. That takes you to Center Road, from which you can go left to Quilcene or right back to the N. Peninsula.
Other day trips from PA:
  • West -- 101 to 112 to Neah Bay. The map says the Ozette Lake road is a thing, but I've not been on it so don't know conditions.
  • Southwest -- 101 to Forks, etc. Note: 113 connects 101 to 112 and is fun. Hoh Rain Forest and Hot Springs is out there, as well as Hurricane Ridge.
  • Southeast -- 101 as far south as you want to go. Not very exciting in many parts, but pretty. And, there's the Halfway House for pie, and Hama Hama Seafood for oysters and beer.
  • There may be good forest service roads around, but I don't know nothing about that - maybe ADVRider?
  • If you're coming from points south-southeast, I recommend dumping off I-5 as soon as possible and picking a route up the Olympic Peninsula. It takes longer, but it's much prettier and I've never been stuck in traffic on 101. (either the west side or the east side).