[GPNDG] Beth on the Slut
The 21st Annual GPNDG
August 9-12, 2012
White Bird, ID

N 45° 44.591' — W 116° 19.525'
[ For Google use: +45 44' 36.47", -116 19' 32.40" ]

H Marc Lewis will be BOSSing the
21st GPNDG at White Bird, ID.

Last updated: 6-Aug-2012

The Site:

The Site

We are renting the entire Swiftwater RV site next to the bridge over the Salmon River just off the old Hwy 95 a mile south of White Bird, ID. Basically the entire grove of shade trees to the right of the bridge in the photo above.

The RV campground is at about 1,452' elevation directly on the shore of the Salmon River. Particularly good news is that there are NO mosquitos! Also, the Sliver Dollar Bar (a mile away) is very rustic, and has name brand bourbon for $2.25 a glass. BTDT. Recommended.

Here are some scouting photos for your perusal.


Look for the signs just a couple hundred meters both north and south of mile marker 222 on the new Hwy 95. There is a map page with photos and better directions, distances, and location-aid photos. Or you can just plug in the coordinates from the page header above into your GPS or into Google Maps.


There are currently two pages: the scouting trip photos and some photos of businesses in White Bird taken in late September.


There are two very nice bathrooms in the main building, each with shower, plus 2 coin-operated washers, 2 coin-operated driers, a freezer (which we can use part of) and an old fashioned coin-operated phone. There is no cell phone service at the site. There is, however, WiFi, possibly for the first time at a Gather, and there is a small wall-mounted TV near the dryers.

The town of White Bird (Pop. 150) has a very small general store, two bars, two restaurants, and a tiny liquor store. Between White Bird and the RV park is Hoots, a restaurant/motel/gas station with 3 grades of gasoline and one of diesel.

We also have a list of nearby motels, if you'd rather credit-card camp...

New This Year:

Truman Grandy, at my special request, will be leading a morning Yoga session each day. If you're into Yoga at all, and have room, bring your mat. I'll try to bring a few loaners for those of you without one who want to participate. Yoga is a wonderful and invigorating way to start your day!

Shannon has arranged for a nice 1/2 day rafting trip down the Salmon River. This will take place Friday morning, from approximately 9:30am to 12:30pm, and will have an extra cost of $66 per person. For details (including how to pay for your spot) see the end of the registration page.

Safety Information:

General emergency 911
Syringa General Hospital
(208) 983-8590
Idaho County Sheriff
(208) 983-1100
Lewis Count Sheriff
(Nesperce, ID)
(208) 983-1660


The Gather can't happen without volunteers, please consider offering to help in some capacity. There is a page here listing the sub-bosses for each major area of responsibility. Many of them need help. Please offer.


Registration will open on or about April 1st. PayPal allows us 60 days to refund someone's payment without any charge, thus our traditional delay in opening registration.