The 15th Annual GPNDG
August 24-27, 2006
Crescent Lake, Oregon

N 43° 29.209'     W 121° 57.512'


The following awards were presented at the Saturday night ceremony.

Recipient Token Activity
Steve Lewis Illumistick While visiting the bathroom at 4:30 AM and noticing a person asleep in the stall, did not see who it was.
Anonymous Alarm Clock The person asleep (see above) did not admit identity and, sadly, did not receive the award.
Jocelyn McAuley Dental Floss In desparate need after dinner, got Gooz to go for it.
Monica Frank Betty Boop Motorcycle nickname: Monica Boop
Tim Keane Battery Tester To facilitate checking the battery before replacing the regulator.
Adrian Kuepker Shot glass To drink ass-bangers in smaller glasses. And an admonition to check for signatures before going home to the wife.
Bubba Joan SAE Allen wrench set The "inappropriate tool for the job" award. Lacking the appropriate tool for changing the fuse, Joan rode with tail light out and headlight substituted by a Mag-Light duct-taped to her front fender, leading the group from Bend to Crescent Lake.
Truman Grandy (in absentia) Sport Tape To help with medical bills. (Truman had a crash and moderately severe injuries on the way to the Gather, and did not attend.)
H Marc Lewis Xylophone The "Bravery In The Face of Cutlery" award - something simpler to manage than a sharp knife. (Marc cut himself badly, attempting to catch one of Rick's very fine, very sharp knives that he (Marc) had foolishly been playing at balancing.)
Kathy Gill Chrome bike chain The "Mladin wants his pit back" award for the most ostentatious portable facilty displayed for the most minor repairs and maintenance.
Michael Pierce Potted meat Potted meat is a source of gas. 94 miles on 4.5 gallons. Brett stood on the side of the road with him for an hour.
Mark Morrissey Starter fluid Mark had a starter problem with his truck, but wasn't *quite* late to the Gather, towing the grill.
Curtis Admiration Wet Ladies Chocolate and Mischief Society Jailbait Of Choice Award
Michael Pierce Knighthood The Wet Ladies Chocolate and Mischief Society knights persons deemed worthy.

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