AKA The GPNDG "Good Works Fund"

Great Pacific Northwest Dryside Gather (GPNDG), Inc. is a 503(c) nonprofit Washington corporation. It has no shareholders nor members. It is managed by a Board of Directors:
Director/President Carl Paukstis
(AKA "Finance Minister")
Shannon Kelley
Director/VP H. Marc Lewis
Director Bob J. E. Taylor (bjet)
Director John Coulter

The primary activity of the Corporation for many years has been holding social events such as the GPNDG Gather and the Pasta Veloce gathering. The corporation's charter includes a wide scope of other activities of benefit to motorcyclists.

In 2005, the Board voted to establish a "Good Works" fund to use for giving financial aid to motorcyclists and WetLeatherites in times of need. The board instituted the following rules and procedures for this fund:

  1. The Good Works fund will be known as the "WetAid fund".
  2. The WetAid fund is kept separate from the general fund. Details of accounting for the funds are left to the discretion of the Finance Minister.
  3. The WetAid Fund accepts voluntary donations from the general public at any time. A link on the WetLeather home page and another on the GPNDG home page facilitate this.
  4. A WetAid Fund web page is maintained to explain what the WetAid Fund does, with past examples, and make it clear to any potential contributor that they are delegating to the GPNDG Board their say in any decision about how, when, and where the money is used. The tax deductibility and receipt process is documented here for those to whom it may be significant.
  5. Ideas, nominations, suggestions and what have you for candidates to receive the WetAid Fund disbursements are accepted from the public. Web page buttons and an e-mail alias will be used to solicit these suggestions. No direct answer to these suggestions is promised nor should be expected.
  6. The Board may also, from time to time, decide to make a contribution from the General Fund to the WetAid Fund. Funds from the WetAid Fund may not be transferred into the General Fund for any reason.
  7. All disbursements from the WetAid Fund, and all donations from the General Fund to the WetAid Fund, shall be discussed and voted on by the Board. The Board has sole and final authority for disbursements. The Board will not discuss any particulars of any individual decision with the public or with contributors.

GPNDG, Inc. also intends to support and facilitate conducting specific need-driven solicitation for particular causes, in support of the WetLeather tradition. Legal and tax-related regulations make it impractical to commingle "earmarked" funds with the WetAid Fund. Research and discussion of how best to facilitate directed contributions are ongoing.



Read before contributing
By making a contribution, you are delegating your authority over that money to the GPNDG Board of Directors. The Board will make decisions about to whom, when, and how much is disbursed without further acounting to you of the mechanisms or reasoning for its decisions. The Board takes input and suggestions from many sources and attempts to adhere to the WetLeather traditions, but is not liable for any further explanation or discussion of its decisions outside the Board meetings.  

via PayPal
Note that donations via PayPal are reduced by PayPal fees.
via US Mail

Contributions are also accepted by check or money order through postal mail.
Make donations payable to "GPNDG, Inc. WetAid Fund".

GPNDG, Inc. WetAid Fund
12755 Canyon de Oro
Las Cruces, NM 88011-7610

Contributing makes you eligible to receive mailings from the "wetaid" e-mail list. This is a low-volume, announce-only list that receives announcements of Board decisions to disburse funds. If you choose to, you will be informed of the recipient and amount of any significant disbursement from the WetAid Fund. Instructions for opting in to this mailing list will be sent to you when you first contribute.

Tax Deductibility

Contributions to the WetAid Fund are considered charitable contributions are therefore are tax deductible for most individuals. Consult your tax advisor for specifics of your particular tax treatment. The Finance Minister will issue written receipts by US Mail for all contributions of $250 or more — be sure to include your mailing address with your contribution. If you require a written receipt for smaller amounts, contact the finance minister: finance(at)gpndg(dot)com

Tax ID Number (TIN):  912 04 7135

Last updated: 26-Dec-2016