[GPNDG] 1995

GPNDG IV - July 7,8,9 1995


$20 ($15 if you're skipping Friday dinner) to:

Terry Powell
1709 Redwood Ct S.
Forest Grove, Oregon 97116

Its official. The 4th annual GPNDG (Gather) will be held July 7,8,9 at the Kaner Flats site, a reserved campground off the Naches river north of Washington Hwy 410, East Northeast of Mt. Ranier. (same as 1994). Greetings from the BOSS. Just 3 weeks until the Gather. Sheessss, time sure flies when you're having fun. Several people new to the list have asked what the heck this Gather thing is anyway so I thought I'd outline whats involved this year.

Food -

In the past, Gather attendees were a more rugged lot. They collected road kill (possum,racoon,cats,dog,deer) and supplemented it with local flora and fauna. Some of the flesh was a bit ripe, having been collected in Calif and Ohio but no matter, it was seared cajun style over an open flame. Mmmmmm good. Today we are a more civilized lot. All your food will be provided. We'll have sirloin or salmon on Friday evening along with as yet to be determined fruits, veggies and desert. Breakfast will be served Saturday and Sunday mornings (eggs, sausage, hot cakes etc.). Saturday dinner will be BBQ'd turkey and possibly a beef roast along with more veggies and desert. If anyone wants to cook anything special (Martin?), feel free. I can haul the ingredients.

Drinks -

Again things are different this year. We'll have all sorts of soft drinks and 4 kinds of homebrew (from light to semi heavy plus a wheat beer). I think they drank Budweiser at the first event along with some strange concoctions brewed at the site. Someone mentioned possum pee, crushed doug fir needles, Oregon grape and huckleberries. Whatever, several people were seen scrubing their naked bodies with mud at 3am and chanting 'be gone evil spirits, be gone'. Rest assured, you'll sleep like babies after this years brew.

Activities -

You decide. There are miles of beautiful roads leading to and away from the camp site (dirt roads too). Or you can eat and drink all day. We generally have an awards ceremony of some sort on Saturday and a rev off Saturday night. In the past (the Bill and DaveK era), the bikes were loud and obnoxious. This year there is an 80db noise limit with the rev-off taking place at 10pm. Ducatis are not allowed. :-)

Equipment you need -

Since its been raining for the past 40 days and nights, it should be nice once we hit July but you never know. So be prepared. Bring a tent and possibly an extra tarp. Its rumored that some folks are even arriving in a Grey Hound Bus. Sheesssss.

The site -

The campground is a reserved group camp site that sits along the Little Naches River. It is about 1/4 mile long with plenty of choice camp sites. There is a paved road running through the site (open only to us) and a row of trees shielding us from the main road. A large public campground is located across this main road and to the south. There are 4 sets of outhouses. Fresh water is available across the main road (we will have several large containers available).

So far there are 35 people signed up. I look for around 50-60 which is a nice size. If you're planning on attending, let me know. If you're not sure but are a 'maybe', let me know. I need a good idea of the total numbers so I can order the goodies.

Yours in political correctness :-)
- Terry Powell 1995/06/15


Get out your Washington maps. Find Mt Rainier National Park. On the eastern boundary is Hiway 410 heading east. The site is approximately 26 miles from Chinook pass.







Here's a map of the general area, and a zoomed image that gets up close and personal on the site itself.

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