Great Pacific Northwest
Dryside Gather
Beth on the Slut
The 27th Annual GPNDG
June 28 — July 1, 2018
Port Angeles, WA

Google Maps:   48.11714 123.4780188
or   N 48° 07' 01.9" W 123° 28' 40.9"

Ed Hackett will be BOSSing the
27th GPNDG at Port Angeles, WA.

Last updated: 15-Jun-2018

The Site:

The GPNDG this year will be held at Clallam County Fairground in Port Angeles, WA. Ed Hackett will be daBOSS, and it's not on the "dry side" unless you measure from the Olympic Mt.s. But we're nothing if not adaptable...

Bosses' night will be Wednesday the 27th, and we have the grounds reserved through Monday, the 2nd of July. Those wishing to extend their Gather another day can pay the nominal camping fee for Sunday night.

We have the grassy area behind the buildings and everything to the west of the road behind the buildings. RVs can use the paved area below the stage or the open field. Tents can be set up anywhere in the treed area.

We'll have a double commercial kitchen and dining room available to us, similar to Dworshak. There are plenty of RV spots with hookups and two dump stations available. There are tent sites with power for the CPAP users. The toilets are flush and the showers hot ($0.25 for 3 minutes).

See also the important Camp Rules and Group Responsibilities. Here's a Site Map.

Photos & Facilities


The Gather can't happen without volunteers, please consider offering to help in some capacity. There is a page here listing the sub-bosses for each major area of responsibility. Many of them need help. Please offer. There is another page listing "Minions" who are volunteering to assist with various meals.


Registration will open around mid-March, 2018. PayPal allows us 60 days to refund someone's payment without any charge, thus our traditional delay in opening registration.

Advance registration required!

The cost is $85 per adult this year, or $40 for kids aged 6 to 12 years. To register click on the Register in the green menubar at the top of the page, or go here.

Safety Information:

General emergency 911
Olympic Medical Center 939 Caroline St
Port Angeles, WA
(541) 536-3435
Clallam County Sheriff (360) 417-2459
Port Angeles Police (360) 452-4545

The Signup List