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The 13th annual GPNDG

The Great Pacific NorthWest Dryside Gather is the 'premier' WetLeather event of the year. It's most often called "The Gather", or less often just the "GPNDG". The Boss(es) this year will be Phil and Debb Kopp.

In a departure from previous events which spanned weekends, the 2004 GPNDG will be held immediately following the 4th of July weekend, Monday afternoon through Thursday morning, July 5th through July 8th, at Daroga State Park on the Columbia River just north of Wenatchee in central Washington State. The park claims to be on Lake Entiat, but don't be confused, that's just the name the locals give to the lake formed by Rocky Beach Dam on the Columbia River.

This is by far the most wheelchair friendly place we have been. No curbs or gravel to traverse between the parking lot and the shelters or fire pits. Wide flat paved walkways go everywhere and the bath facilities are correct as well. You can wheel all along the river on the bicycle path to your hearts content.


Special Activities:

Motorcycling Activities:

Interesting fact: The name "Daroga" comes from the first two letters in the first names of the three Auvil brothers, Dave, Robert and Grady, who started an orchard/ranch at this site in 1928. The brothers developed a new type of peach on the ranch, catalogued as "the Daroga Peach." In 1981, Grady Auvil sold the property to the state of Washington.


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Maps, Directions, Photos

There will soon be some maps plus some written directions to the site. Phil and Debb took some scouting photos of the campsite and general area...

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All volunteers are enthusiatically invited to contact me or the appropriate sub-boss (bOSS):

Da BOSS(es): Phil and Debb Kopp
Finance Minister: Shannon Kelley (finance@wetleather.com)
Food Boss(es):
Mon Dinner: Jack Tavares and Kaddee Lawrence
Tue Breakfast: Rob Scott
Tue Dinner: Martin and Carol Golding
Wed Breakfast: Brian and Frieda Schieber
Wed Dinner: Gary and Deb Wasserman
Wed Dessert: The Dessert Ladies?
Thu Breakfast: [Self-service]
Coffee Brewers: Martin and Carol Golding
Labour Boss: TBD
Beer Boss: Chris Bishop
Parking Ogre: Jim Harriger
Men's Restroom Boss: Pete Moss
Camp Cleanup Boss: Adrian Kuepker
Local Ride Coordinator: TBD
Dualsport Ride Coordinator: Seth LaForge
First Aid Boss: TBD
Women's Restroom Boss: TBD
Master of Ceremonies: St. Carl Paukstis
Others: TBD
Web stuff: H. Marc Lewis (wizard@micapeak.com)