[GPNDG] 2003

August 14-17, 2003
Crescent Lake, OR

N 43° 29.209'     W 121° 57.512'

The 12th annual GPNDG

The Great Pacific NorthWest Dryside Gather is the 'premier' WetLeather event of the year. It's most often called "The Gather", or less often just the "GPNDG". The Boss this year will be Mark Morrissey.

The 2003 GPNDG will be held at the Simax Group Camp at Crescent Lake, Oregon in the Deschutes National Forest. The campground is located on the NE shore of Crescent Lake just south of Highway 58, and roughly 50 miles north of Crater Lake, OR.

The Gather will start on Thursday night, which is designated "Nostalgia Night". In the old tradition of the earliest Gathers, the evening's repast was cook-your-own-Brats.


Special Activities:


Advance registration required!


To Register:

Maps, Directions, Photos

There are three maps plus some written directions available.

Dr. Wetleather took some photos of the campsite and general area...

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All volunteers are enthusiatically invited to contact me or the appropriate sub-boss (bOSS):

Da BOSS: Mark Morrissey (markem@cs.pdx.edu)
Finance Minister: Shannon Kelley (finance@wetleather.com)
Food Boss(es): Thu Dinner: The Kelleys (Cook your own Bratwurst!)
Fri Breakfast: Tom Dietrich
Fri Dinner: Martin and Carol Golding
Sat Breakfast: Ln & SSMark
Sat Dinner: St. Carl and First Wife Rhonda
Sat Dessert: Shasta Willson
Sun Breakfast: Edward Walsh — Grab'n'Go items/Self-service
Coffee Brewers: Martin and Carol Golding
Labour Boss: Bob Taylor (aka bjet, a former BOSS)
Web stuff: H. Marc Lewis (wizard@micapeak.com)
Beer Boss: Gary Wasserman
Parking Ogre: Tom Dietrich
Men's Restroom Boss: Rick Nagle
Camp Cleanup Boss: Adrian Kuepker
Local Ride Coordinator: M&L Mackie
First Aid Boss: Art Ellison
Women's Restroom Boss: Joanne Savely
Master of Ceremonies: Carl Paukstis
Others: TBD