[GPNDG] 2002

Three Meadows Group Camp at
Dworshak State Park,
near Orofino, ID

==> Maps to the site.

Scouting report from Randall:

The roads to Dworshak State Park

   4 miles W. of Orofino ID, to the bridge below Dworshak Dam & Resevoir.
   7 miles up the Ahsahka grade wonderful twistys on top. 
   4 miles to the community of Cavendish(no services) & turnoff for
     Dworshak State Park - foothills of Clearwater Mtns.
   4 miles of asphalt/4 miles of well-maintained Diesel fueled gravel, then
   3 miles of descent on asphalt twisty switchbacks and arrive at 
     Dworshak state Park - Freeman Creek and beach area to the right.
   One lane gravel 3.5 miles to Three Meadows Group Camp, a couple of
   switchbacks. Not suitable for big RVs.
Three Meadows Group Camp [Pictures by Marc & Wanda]
   Large area you drive around and then up to the bldgs, this large area has
   a basketball hoop, volleyball, a campfire area w/logs for benches, another
   mini-amphitheatre w/screen.

   Main Lodge - 12 tables, ping pong table, pool table
       Kitchen - everything is commercial grade/"top cabin" 
           Walk in cold room/double standup freezer
           two four burner stoves/two griddles - ovens
           Hot and Cold salad bars / Dishwasher / plates / silverware
           Cement patio to the east, w/8 picnic tables
           BBQ as big as the one at Simax

   Upper Restroom - desgnated men's 6 sinks 3 urinals 3 stalls 6 showers
   Lower Restroom - Designt'd womens 6 sinks, 6 stalls, 6 showers

   "Cook Shack" (Reserved) - Separate bathroom, sleeps four, near lodge 
   Cabin 1 - Sleep 12, 4 bunks / area for gear, partition in middle 8 bunks
   Cabin 2 - all cabins are identical, small heater warms em in 5 min. 


[NOTE: We have obtained permission to pitch tents on the "Activity Field", but all vehicles must remain in designated parking areas at all times. (Yes, this includes motorcycles) You must carry your tent and sleeping gear to your tent site, not drive your bike over to drop it off. The lawns and grassy areas at this site are very fragile because of the extremely dry climate, and this year is shaping up to be even drier than usual. If the grass is damaged, it likely will not get enough water to recover. Thanks for understanding and cooperating.]

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