[GPNDG] 2002

The 11th annual GPNDG!

August 22-25, 2002

Fine Volunteer Crew
Da BOSS: Ed "Gooz" Guzman edj_guzman@hotmail.com
Finance Minister: Shannon Kelley shannonk@cnnw.net
Food Boss: Thurs dinner: Lee Hart
Fri Breakfast: Wanda & H Marc
Fri dinner: Brian Scheib
Sat breakfast: Gary Wasserman
Sat dinner: Rebecca (SwtP) Mayer
Sun breakfast: Mark Morrissey
Dessert Queen(s): Ln and her Lovely Cohorts
Coffee Boss: Fryar Martin AndWife (except Friday morning)
UberBeverages BOSS: bubba Joan Marie
Entertainment Boss: We're unplugged!
Web stuff: H. Marc Lewis (wizard@micapeak.com)
Safety/Security/Facility: Master Ogres: Mark Amos and Michael Bain
First Aid: Jim "it doesn't hurt" Broglio
Sunday AM Camp Policing Boss: Mark Morrissey
Building Cleanup Bosses: Joe Warren (& Cindy?)
Garbage Boss: John Thompson
Ladies' Restroom Boss: Monica Grandy
Men's Restroom Boss: Frank Philips
Awards Presentation Grand Fryar Master of Ceremonies

Equipment Furnished

I. Major applicances and other equipment furnished:

II. Standard kitchen items

III. Optional Items (available if you want them, no charge but an advance notice of reservation is required):
IV. Miscellaneous Notes:

Cleaning materials provided include grill bricks for grill cleaning as well as mops, brooms, glass cleaner, disinfectant, pinesol and trash bags. Ice may be purchased at Freeman Creek.

BOSS will request the following Optional Items ???:

2 Mixing Bowls - 1 quart
2 Mixing Bowls - 5 quart
4 Pitchers - 2 quart
5 Serving Trays - flat
1 Stock Pot - 15 Gal
Pool Table
Sound System ???

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