[GPNDG] 2002

The 11th annual GPNDG!

August 22-25, 2002

Cabin Reservations

For cabin reservations or to volunteer to be a CabinBOSS, contact the Finance Minister and the relevant CabinBoss (see below) and post your intention publicly to the mailing list.

Cabins nominally sleep 12, and there are 12 bunks. However, there's very little room for gear stowage or privacy. (see pictures by Marc & Wanda) A more realistic practical capacity might be 6 or 9 people.

Where What Who
Frank Zappa rules!
H. Marc Lewis
[Cabin #4 on the Site Map]


Tasteful snoring,
no rap music,
no durians
1. H. Marc Lewis
2. Wanda Brookhart
3. Phil Kopp
4. Debb Kopp
5. Suzanne St Peter
6. Martin "Fryar" Golding
7. Carol Golding
8. Derek Hamlet
9. Kristin Hamlet
The Kid Kabin
Steve Aarnio
[Cabin #3 on the Site Map]
n/a 1. Steve Aarnio
2. Mig
3. Ariane Mather
4. David Mather
5. (possibly babies that say "Eh")
Earplugs Optional
Joanne Savely
[Cabin #5 on the Site Map]


Snoring allowed 1. Joanne Savely
2. Bill Savely
3. Michael Davis
4. Ken Morton
5. Bob Taylor
6. Janene Benfield
7. Bob Veatch
8. Karyn Vicker
Kazoo's Blow Softly
Mark Morrissey
[Cabin #6 on the Site Map]
mild to non-existant
snoring only
1. Mark Morrissey
2. Roger "Trophy Spouse" Bonzer
3. Bubba Joan
4. John Bowne
5. Mark Hibbert
6. Adrian Kuepker
United Nations
Tony Jones
[Cabin #1 on the Site Map]


No llamas,
alpacas OK if housebroken
1. Tony Jones
2. Gary Wasserman
3. Tim Surdyk
4. Bob Actis
5. Brian Bucknam
6. Mark Amos
7. Debra J. Wasserman
8. Brian Schieber
HQ Cabin
Paul Ritter
Rules? I don't need
no steeking rules!
1. Paul (SS#2) Ritter
2. John O'Keefe
3. Rebecca (SwtP) Mayer
Pet Friendly
Kathy Gill
[Cabin #2 on the Site Map]
n/a 1. Kathy Gill
2. Michael Schamens
3. Jon Diaz
4. Sue Diaz
5. Jeff Earls
6. Kathy Engholm
Victoria's Secret
Angela Barkes-Draz
[Cabin #7 on the Site Map]
Nudist at heart
no perverts
snoring allowed
1. Angela Barkes-Draz
2. Kevin Draz
3. Bryan Klech
4. Kathleen Luce
5. Bill Bunton
6. Barbara Bunton
7. Mike "Catfish" Chaplin
Cabin 8
[Cabin #8 on the Site Map]

RV Hookups

  1. John and Kaffrun Jennings
  2. Carl & "First wife" Rhonda Paukstis
  3. Dave Karikas

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