Photos of the Y2K GPNDG Site

(courtesy of Dr. Wetleather)
July 13-16 — 2000
Crescent Lake, OR

N 43° 29.209'     W 121° 57.512'
A page of thumbnail photos is also available (it's about a 25kb hit)...

Photo #1 Covered dining area with tables and electricity.
Photo #2 a better photo of #1
Photo #4 Looking left on the shore at the campsite (stand of trees between this view and campsite).
Photo #5 Looking right (as in pic 4). Shannon (Da BOSS) in view.
Photo #6 Just a small part of the beautiful campsite.
Photo #7 Restrooms, running water, and showers. Electricity too, I believe. How did those damn motorcycles get there?
Photo #8 View from lodge. 1/4-1/2 mile nature hike from campsite. 1 mile by road.
Photo #9 Lodge. Bar, restaurant, small store.
Photo #10 Rental cabins by lodge.
Photo #12 Yet another lodge amenity.