Maps to GPNDG'99

Set your GPS target to: N 40 50.786' — W 122 50.581'

Here's a map of Northern California showing the general location.

And here's a more localized map of the Trinity Alps area with Highway 299 and Highway 3 marked. The red & white dot is the campsite location.

Here's a very detailed map showing the turnoff into the site, and the direction and distance to the nearest 'towns'. No airport this time — sorry Lissa! Note: the lake is labeled "Trinity Lake", and is apparently known as such by the locals. Mike says the local signs all call it that. However, some maps (e.g. Rand McNally) show it as Clair Engle Lake (Trinity Dam is at the southern end). The nearest locale that Yahoo Maps knows about is Weaverville, CA. Mapquest will show you Trinity Alps which is quite close to the actual camp.

A plain 'ol Rand McNally map of California will show Clair Engle lake just NW of Redding. Draw a straight line between Redding and Crescent City, CA, and you will just about bisect the campsite on the west side of Clair Engle lake.

Distances from various cities:

748 miles —Spokane, WA
710 miles —Vancouver, BC
574 miles —Seattle, WA
395 miles —Portland, OR
118 miles —Klamath Falls, OR
510 miles —Boise, ID
259 miles —Reno, NV
312 miles —San Jose, CA
709 miles —Escondido, CA
2,094 miles —Elgin, IL
2,433 miles —Columbus, OH

Note: these milages are for the most direct (Interstate highway) routes...

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